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Amazon has launched its food delivery service in India. As Amazon Food, it has started its services in selected areas in Bangalore. Here’s our guide to tying up your restaurant with Amazon. Links to Amazon Food/Restaurants partner registration form, contact number, and tie-up charges.

Since Amazon Food is live only in selected areas, you need to check if your preferred area falls within the location criteria. Amazon has currently gone live in some major areas in Bangalore and New Delhi. The commission rate with restaurants is also lesser than the competitors, which gives the Amazon Cloud kitchen a higher edge. Amazon Food delivery has set high hygiene standards to get the best out of Cloud kitchens that are operating under it. While Amazon partners with restaurants selectively, for now, it’ll be open to all soon. Some restaurants and cloud kitchens that Amazon has partnered currently with include Adiga’s, FreshMenu, Paradise Biryani, Box8, Faasos, and Mad Over Donuts. It is to be noted that Amazon has directly partnered with these restaurants and will reach out in open soon.

As Amazon can manage the food delivery with the massive workforce under their control, the Amazon Food delivery partner registration is not open currently. We will continue to watch out for updates and keep this article updated.

How to tie up with Amazon Food?

Getting your restaurant listed on Amazon is a great way to increase sales. As the next official announcement will be out soon, be ready with the following:

  1. Keep your restaurant documents ready.

    It is mandatory for a food delivery service in India to verify the restaurant partner’s FSSAI license. Also, keep your GST number and KYC proof ready for the Amazon Food restaurant partner registration.

  2. Request to get listed in Amazon Restaurants.

    We will update the Amazon Restaurants partner registration portal link as soon as it’s available.

  3. Try alternate methods.

    In case the web portal does not work, try alternate methods like a phone call or email request. These details will be updated once Amazon Restaurants is live.

  4. Await Amazon Food’s representative to call back.

    Once your request to tie up your restaurant is submitted, you have to wait for Amazon Food to get back to you.

  5. Provide the online menu, pricing & operational timings.

    We expect Amazon Restaurants to allow you to have different pricing for your online menu. Provide them your menu and timings.

  6. Go-live, you will also get a Point of Contact for support.

    Once the paperwork is done, your restaurant should get listed in a few days’ time. Reach out to your Point of Contact at Amazon Food for any queries.

  7. Amazon Food delivery app

    The Amazon Food app is awaited to be launched soon for this. We are expecting updates from Amazon soon.

Amazon Restaurants Partner Registration – FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions about Amazon Restaurants partner registration.

Is there a contact number to request an Amazon Food tie-up?

We are awaiting the official announcement. Will keep this article updated once we have the contact information.

What are the charges to tie up with Amazon Restaurants?

There is no fee or charge for getting listed. Amazon has currently set a commission of 6-8%.

Does Amazon Food deliver in my location?

Amazon Food currently delivers to selective locations in Bangalore and New Delhi.

Will Amazon Restaurants share customer phone numbers with us?

We have seen that Amazon does not share customer details with sellers on their e-commerce platform. So, we expect the Amazon Food delivery to maintain the confidentiality of sharing customer details as well.

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