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During these testing times for the restaurant industry, restaurants need to follow the safety guidelines strictly, to continue running the business and increase the trust among customers. This article is based on the guidelines by FSSAI during covid-19.

FSSAI guidelines for restaurants during covid-19

Disinfectants that can be used by food businesses

ChlorinePerishables products (eg. Meat, Vegetables, Fruits)Always for food that is consumed raw
Quaternary Methyl Butyric AcidFood contact surfacesAfter use
(Alcohol 70 %)
Hand sanitizationAs and when required

Note: Always use chemicals as per directions of the manufacturer

Guidelines for restaurants during corona outbreak by FSSAI

  1. Clean and disinfect the food service area after each meal.
  2. Disinfect high contact points like card machines, doorknobs, billing counters, etc. frequently.
  3. Hand sanitizer stands at the entry of the restaurant.
  4. Use tongs, gloves, etc. avoid direct contact with food.
  5. Don’t leave ready to eat food in the open.
  6. Employees should wear masks, gloves, clean clothes, hair net at all times.
  7. Screen employees for corona symptoms every day
  8. Wash all food items thoroughly. Use 50 ppm chlorine to clean fruits and vegetables that are consumed raw.
  9. Encourage pre-ordering of food to avoid waiting by customers.

Guidelines for food delivery agents

  • Use a mask at all times.
  • Avoid high contact points like doorbells, doorknobs, etc.
  • Avoid handling cash, encourage digital payments. In the case of card machines, sanitize after each use.
  • Use hand sanitizer after each pickup and delivery.

Increase customer trust to increase business

Finally, the only way to improve the business is to show customers that buying food from your restaurant is safe. Below are some steps that you can use to increase trust.

  • Use a thermometer to check the temperature of everybody entering the restaurant.
  • Collect phone numbers for tracking on your POS. This can also help you in increasing your customer database and collect customer feedback, check how you can do it here.
  • Using contactless QR code-based menu cards. Check out a sample here.
  • Contactless order processing using captain app and kitchen display system.
  • Hand sanitizer stands for employees and customers.
  • Display the steps you have taken to keep the restaurant safe.

Free feel to contact us at if you need any guidance. You can also follow the FSSAI website for new press releases regarding regulations and rules.

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