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When you say food business ideas in India, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a multi-cuisine restaurant with a considerable budget, destined for a huge success right from day one.

There are several other best food business ideas in India, a couple of which require you to spend little to nothing to start with.

This blog aims to highlight the many ways you can start new food business ideas in India. We have covered everything you need to know, from low investment options to full-fledged food businesses.

Then let’s delve right into the details. Shall we?

Small Food Business Ideas in India

  1. Food Blog
  2. YouTube Food Channel
  3. Food Podcasts
  4. Dietician/Nutritionist
  5. Food Critic
  6. Food Stylist/Food Photographer

There are unique food business ideas in India that don’t require any huge investment.

Food blog

This idea is for you if you love to eat great food and cook great food. Why not take it to the next level? Share your passion for food with fellow foodies. Start a food blog. Share your new finds and anything you try in your kitchen; you can write a blog about it, including some excellent images of your soul food, and post it regularly on your blog.

Increase the traffic to your blog by sharing your post on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Run organic and paid promotions on your social media page and invite more followers to your blog. Enroll in legit affiliate programs, advertise, and utilize PPC promotions and increase the number of your visitors and get great returns.

YouTube Food Channel

Next to Google, YouTube is the widely used social media platform. If you are interested in conversing with the world and uniting fellow foodies through your cooking, then starting a YouTube channel is perhaps the best idea to enhance your talent while earning profits for your hard work.

Food Podcasts

A Food Podcast is a fresh idea to start for a beginner. You can answer the questions of your listeners. It could be anything from how to bake a cake or a pesto. Make your podcasts informative, casual, and relevant to your audience. Share your culinary wit and create a supportive public forum full of tips and tricks.


In today’s world, the health and wellness industry attracts vast attention to the need for quality and result-oriented wellness solutions. It places the dieticians and nutritionists in focus for their wisdom and guidance. They are intricately involved in the work of their other health counterparts, like physicians and fitness trainers. There are new ways to make your food business gain more popularity as a dietician.

  • Collaborate with health and fitness centers and offer them a pay cut for referrals
  • Get certified, so it adds value to your passion that you are willing to practice
  • Create a social media page or a website and gain traffic with a productive content strategy

Food Critic

A food critic is also known as a food writer or a restaurant critic, is a professional who samples and reviews food. They visit different restaurants, order various dishes and write about their experiences. Food Critics are hired by Newspapers, magazines, blogs, and websites.

Food Stylist/ Food Photographer

Food Stylists are professional food photographers. They are experts at creating the best food imagery that is so realistic to the extent of tempting the audience to dig right in. If you already have a passion for photography and a passion for food, why not go ahead and make the best out of both worlds? Food stylists are hired by restaurants, and magazines.

Unconventional Food Business Ideas in India

  1. Home Tiffin Systems
  2. Catering
  3. Baking from home
  4. Cooking Classes
  5. DIY Food Kits
  6. Homemade Pet Food
  7. Batter Making
  8. Bread Making
  9. Microgreen Farm
  10. Sprouts Making
  11. Vinegar Making
  12. Nut Butters
  13. Diet Snacks
  14. Baby Food
  15. Personal Chef
  16. Seafood Delivery

Home Tiffin Systems

Home Tiffin Systems have been the lifeline of Indian households for a long time. The famous Dhabawallas of Mumbai has taken this business to another level. But unlike their commercial approach, home tiffin services are among India’s most successful unique business ideas. They have turned out to be the inspiration to several others who have followed in their footsteps. Now home tiffin systems have become so popular and preferred for food quality.


Catering services have evolved so much from the trends of the past. Today, catering services are embracing their competitive edge. They are constantly motivated by the customers’ expectations regarding the quality and hospitality offered. If you think you love serving people with unique culinary ideas, start your catering service with your personalized touch.

Baking from home

Home baking is a delight. Baking from home requires minimal investment, and you have ample space and time to pursue your passion for baking. If you plan to run a bakery, you can start with home baking initially.

Food Business Ideas in India - Baking From Home
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Cooking classes

Conducting cooking classes is one of the best food business ideas in India if you have the space and the provisions required.

DIY Food Kits

Meal kits are life savers to people who have no knowledge about cooking or for those that don’t have a lot of time cooking their meals. DIY food kits come in handy when they feel like they need to have a quick whipup meal that is also healthy and tasty . If you think you know how to put together some good food kits in appropriate proportions, then this might be for you.

Homemade Pet Food

The pet food business is booming now more than ever before. But there are pet parents that do not have access to quality organic pet food everyday. So you can utilize this opportunity to mix together some great organic pet food.


The global pet food market reached a value of US$ 112.87 Billion in 2021. Looking forward, IMARC Group expects the market to reach US$ 154.04 Billion by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 5.42% during 2022–2027.

Pet owners that have pets with health or diet issues, make it difficult for their pets with conventional pet food available in stores. So they have to make their own pet food, which is where you can help by preparing quality, organic pet food in your own kitchen.

Batter Making

Indian households are never devoid of crispy dosas and soft idlis. Making these comfort foods involves strenuous work of soaking and preparing the batter. The lengthy fermentation process adds more to the waiting period. To counteract this disadvantage, several food businesses now offer dosa batters. Conscious customers, especially women, take more interest in buying these batters and your business can be the next to serve the busy households of India


Bread Making

The smell of freshly baked bread is a delight to enjoy. Bread is the number one consumed product across the world. It has a longer shelf life and is also easy to store.

If you are interested in baking, make fresh breads in different flavors. Make variations of the product, like Keto almond bread, whole-grain bread, gluten-free and multi-grain bread.


Microgreen Farm

Microgreens are the new health food trend. Packed with vitamins and minerals, they are like this concentrated storehouse of the much needed nutrients. They are more nutritious than the usual matured greens. Microgreens are easy to grow. It takes only a couple of weeks to harvest. It requires not much space, water or not even full sunlight.


You can plant these mini versions of all vegetables, from beets, carrot, mustard, to fennel and a range of other edible greens. If you have a space in your home to grow these beautiful greens, then do it. Microgreens are used in salads and soups

Sprouts Making

Sprouts making is another profitable food business that allows you to work from the comfort of your home. It is low investment and takes no extra effort to harvest the sprouts.


Sprouts are preferred more due to the impact of health and wellness among communities. You can cater to the requirements in hospitals, nutritionists and dieticians and help the lives of people that are on the road to transformation.

Vinegar Making

Vinegar making is another profitable business that you can pursue. This requires no special skills. You can make citrus vinegar that is now popularly used as a bio-cleaning liquid. You can even make Vinegar with fruit peels and even flowers.


Nut Butters

Nut butters have become very popular nowadays. It is preferred as an alternative to regular butter as they are dairy-free and are good for people that are lactose intolerant. People who are on a weight loss diet also prefer nut butters made from almonds and cashews. It is a great business idea that caters to a vast majority of the population that are shifting to nut butters.


Diet Snacks

Diet snacks are again preferred by those that are on a weight loss diet. It is mainly made focusing on going sugar-free and low on carbs. A low-carb diet is very popular these days. But there is a lack in the area of snacks that are coming under the category of diet snacks. So this would be a great business idea because it has a lot of scope for the future.


Baby Food

Homemade Baby Food is an innovative food business idea in India. The conventional baby food market is not very promising to moms who look for purity and health in baby food. The baby food available in the market is loaded with artificial flavoring agents, preservatives and sugars.


Several moms have stopped buying commercial baby food and make their own. A baby food business that focuses solely on clean, organic and safe baby food will be a real problem-solver for such women who want only the ebay for their babies. And your business could be the next one to join this initiative.

Sea food delivery

Prepping seafood and selling it is a great home business option for beginners. You can also start this as a part time business. Frozen and fresh seafood are always in demand.

You can buy seafood from wholesalers, clean and prep it up. And have a tie up with restaurants and deliver on a timely basis. You can also cater to individual customers in a particular locality. You can extend your base as you get more referrals.

Sea food delivery

Conventional Food Business Ideas in India

  1. Food Franchise Business Idea
  2. Food Processing Business
  3. Fast Food Business Ideas in India
  4. Cloud Kitchen/Ghost Kitchen
  5. Fine Dining
  6. Cafes
  7. Canteen Management
  8. Personal Chef
  9. Bars and Pubs
  10. Breweries and Beer Houses
  11. Casual Dine/ Fast Casual
  12. Cafe Meets Beer
  13. Bakeries and Patisseries
  14. Popup Restaurants
  15. Food Truck
  16. Juice bars
  17. Ice cream parlors
  18. Dhabas

Food Franchise Business Idea in India

A Food Franchise business is a good one for beginners who wish to enter into a food business that has a huge potential and minimal risks. It offers good ROI, based on the stability of the brand that offers the franchise opportunity. You can start a franchise outlet of any popular restaurant brand and they will provide all the training and support you will need, including marketing and promotion.

Food Processing Business

A Food Processing business is one of the most profitable food businesses in India. If you have a serious mindset for it, then sky’s the limit. There are endless possibilities in the food processing industry. There is a high demand for value-added food products like pickles, dried fruit powders, dried vegetable powders, chicken powder, soup powder, and dairy products like cheese, butter and ghee. It is a business category that can be started with low investment and it is a pretty good one for beginners.

Fast Food Business Idea In India

Fast Food restaurants are known for preparing and serving food faster. These restaurants usually serve takeaways and have minimal table service. Famous examples of global fast-food brands are Subway, Mcdonald’s, and KFC.

The cost of opening a fast-food restaurant ranges from 0–20 lakhs in India. However, these restaurants require a considerable amount of investment for promotions

Cloud Kitchen/Ghost Kitchen

A Cloud Kitchen or ghost kitchen operates on deliveries alone. Popular cloud kitchen brands in India are Faasos and Lunch. The average investment needed for a Cloud Kitchen would be around 5–10 lakhs. It is a low investment option, but you need to spend considerable money on marketing and promotion.

Fine dining

Fine dining restaurants require a lot of investment in infrastructure, impeccable on-premise arrangements, superior ambiance, table service, and excellent hospitality services. They should have the potential to offer a top-notch customer experience. The typical cost for 2 in a fine-dining restaurant will go upwards from Rs 4000. Fine dining involves great food, excellent customer experience, and a sound marketing strategy.



A cafe typically serves beverages and snacks. Cafes usually cater to customers from colleges, corporates, and locals. The cost for two would typically range from Rs 300–700. There are different types of cafes like rooftop cafes and outdoor cafes. The investment that would require the cost of setting up a cafe would be typically around 10–15 lakhs.

Canteen Management

Most of the corporate firms have a canteen or a food court in their premises but they particularly do not want to be involved in it directly. They prefer to outsource it. If you have good management skills, and if you are pretty resourceful and good at networking, then this business would do wonders for you

Personal Chef

If you are an expert at multiple cuisines, then becoming a personal chef might be a great breakthrough to you. It is a low investment option and allows you to prepare meals for multiple clients in a commercial setup.

Personal Chef is a profitable business as it offers the convenience of flexibility. It gives you access to serve different organizations, institutions, and businesses.

This business allows you to build personal relationships down the road.

Bars & Pubs

Bars and pubs are establishments that serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and various finger foods in smaller portions. The typical cost for two in a bar or a pub will cost around Rs 1000 to 1500 per person.

Breweries and beer-houses

Breweries and beer houses serve beer and other alcoholic drinks. Depending upon the place and location, their costing would range from Rs 60–70 lakh.

Casual Dine/Fast casual

Customers in casual dining restaurants should have a decent seating area, table service, and a good ambiance. Typically casual dining costs Rs1000–1500 for two. Casual dining restaurants need a menu to start with and delivery service to multiply various revenue streams.

Cafe meets Beer

Cafe meets Beer setups, as the name implies, serves both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. But these are more daytime friendly. Beer cafes are a popular concept in Europe, which is now picking up in other parts of the world.


Bakeries and Patisseries

Bakeries and patisseries usually sell pastries and baked items such as cookies, cakes, bread, and pastries. This idea originated from Europe and is now becoming popular in India.

Popup restaurants

Popup restaurants are put up for special occasions. Such restaurants operate from homes or other vehicles. Popup restaurants are not yet widespread in India as it is in countries in Europe and America.

Lazy Bear, Superiority Burger, and Hillside Supper Club are some popular popup restaurants in the US.

Food truck

Food truck is a mobile restaurant that can be set up using your vehicle — a truck, car, or a cart. There are no specific upfront costs for renting out a dining place. However, you need to invest a considerable amount in purchasing the truck and purchasing all the licenses and legal documents to start one.

Purchasing a food truck would typically require around Rs 10 Lakh. You will have to set aside a part of your investment for marketing and promotions.

Promotions would include several things, including creating a website and an app, collaborating with online order platforms, contact and affiliate building, and digital and offline ads. The typical cost for 2 can range between Rs 300 to 500


Juice Bars

Juice bars are shops that serve a large assortment of fresh fruit juices and ice cream. They are typically situated near college campuses, gymnasiums, or busy streets and market places, where many people can see them.

Ice cream parlors

It is similar to juice shops. Ice cream parlors typically cost anywhere between Rs 300–400. They require only a 500–1000 square feet area with a seating space of around 4–5 four-seater tables.


Dhabas are one of the best street food business ideas in India. And these are the low-budget restaurants that serve hot Punjabi food, Parathas, naans, butter chicken, kebabs, and more. These dhabas are typically located on highway roads or nearby petrol pumps and generally serve travelers.

The budget needed to open a Dhaba might vary depending upon the location, the seating, and the quality of infrastructure. Giving you an estimate, opening one would cost you around 5–10 lakhs.

And now to answer a few of your questions.

How can I start a small food business in India?

To start a Food business in India, you first need to decide on the food business type. Furthermore, Whether you are a Food Business Owner (FBO) or not, these institutions need to follow the standards and regulations to guarantee that their day-to-day operations are seamless.

It enhances the institution’s reputation and encourages faithful consumers to bring their friends more into the food industry. It also helps establish long-term gains while starting a food business in India.

Which food business is most profitable in India?

Some of the most profitable food business ideas in India are:
1.Food Truck Business
2.Catering Service Business
3.Homemade Meal Business
4.Fast food cafes

Some of the low-investment food business ideas in India include:

2.Food Truck
3.Food Blogging
4.Nutritionist/ Dietician
5.Local Delivery Network
6.Home Tiffin Service
7.Bakery and Specialty Cakes
8.Cooking Classes
9.Diary Processing
10.Food Processing
11.Microgreens Farming
12.Sprouts Making
13.Cloud Kitchen
14.Personal Chef

We hope we have given you a detailed overview of all the different types of food business ideas in India. If you have found this useful or have a favorite idea, you would want to share with us, drop a comment below, and let’s keep the conversation flowing