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With increasing food safety clampdowns, revisit these FSSAI rules and regulations to ensure your restaurant’s compliance.

How to ensure that your restaurant follows FSSAI rules and regulations?

Here’s what your restaurant needs to follow to comply with the FSSAI rules and regulations.

  1. Food safety at the kitchen

    The most important area of your restaurant is the kitchen. Make sure it’s hygienic, uses closed containers, and has a proper garbage disposal. 

    FSSAI Rules and Regulations for Kitchen

  2. Staff attire and hygiene

    Your employee hygiene is of utmost importance. Make sure they are healthy and wear recommended attire.

    Food Safety Rules for Restaurant Staff

  3. Food safety at the inventory

    Ensure that items stored in the inventory are at the right temperature. Do regular stock checks and discard expired items.

    Food safety in inventory

  4. Transportation vehicle guidelines

    If you transport food from kitchen to outlet, make sure safe food handling practices are followed in the delivery vehicle.

    FSSAI Rules and Regulations for Transport Vehicles

  5. Customer service area

    The customer service area should be neat and clean. FSSAI recommends you display food safety display boards and hygiene ratings at your outlet.

    Food safety at service area

  6. General food safety measures

    Make sure you employ a certified food safety officer. FSSAI regularly conducts these courses to ensure food safety at restaurants.

    General FSSAI Rules

This article is an attempt to summarize the important FSSAI rules you should adhere to. We recommend you visit the FSSAI website to stay up-to-date on all rules.

More about FSSAI license

Below are some frequently asked questions about the FSSAI license.

What is the FSSAI license for?

FSSAI stands for Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. FSSAI license is an Act to consolidate the laws relating to food manufacture, storage, distribution, sale, and import, to ensure the availability of safe and wholesome food for human consumption.

How much does the FSSAI license cost?

If your annual revenue < ₹12 lakhs and meeting conditions, FSSAI registration will cost ₹100/yr. If your annual revenue > ₹12 lakhs, a State license will cost ₹2000/yr, or a Central license (if operating in 2+ states) will cost ₹7500/yr.

How can I get FSSAI license online?

FSSAI license can be applied online from this portal. The inspection will be done within 7 to 30 days of applying.

What documents are required for the FSSAI license?

To obtain an FSSAI license, you need 1) Commercial license, 2) Layout plan of premises, 3) Photo ID of proprietors, 4) Authority letter, 5) Proof of possession of premises, 6) Food safety management plan, 7) NOC from the municipality, and 8) Form IX – nomination of persons.

Is FSSAI mandatory?

Yes, FSSAI is mandatory for restaurants and food outlets. You need to obtain an FSSAI license for every premise/location you operate.

Who needs an FSSAI license?

Any business involved in the manufacture, storage, distribution, sale, and import, of food for human consumption will require an FSSAI license. If you are starting a restaurant, then you need to have an FSSAI license.

Where to download the FSSAI logo?

Once you obtain the FSSAI license, you can download a high-quality, vector image of the FSSAI logo here.

How to renew the FSSAI license online?

FSSAI license needs to be renewed every year. For renewal visit the FSSAI portal.

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