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Coimbatore is a city that loves to eat out and takes pride in having some of the finest food outlets. We got vibrant groups like Kovai Foodies and Coimbatore Food Guide buzzing with discussions on where to eat. The city also gets full attendance from food delivery services Swiggy, Zomato and Uber Eats.

Coimbatore restaurant landscape

While the foodie groups and listings are terrific for discovering eat outs, we wanted to see a bird’s eye view on the city’s overall food landscape. This article is an attempt to analyze the eating out landscape in Coimbatore, and we being techies (we run a smart restaurant management system) – we decided to do it the data driven way! We took out publicly available data from Zomato, ran some analytics and here’s what we found.

The dishes we love and where to get them

Popular dishes in coimbatore
For the cosmopolitan city Coimbatore is, it’s not surprising to see continental dishes popping up as favourites. Our love for Biriyani and Rice also shows up.

Coimbatore’s love for Bakery is next only to South Indian Cuisine

Most served cuisine in Coimbatore
We are pretty sure there are more bakeries in Coimbatore than those listed in Zomato, yet close to 20% of listings on Zomato Coimbatore are Bakers. Looks like Coimbatore does love indulging on cakes, chocolate and pastries!

The best localities to eat out

Popular restaurant localities in Coimbatore
We found something interesting while pulling out this chart. Despite some localities having plenty of restaurants, there weren’t many top rated restaurants. For example in Gandhipuram only 15% of the restaurants are rated 3+, and for Ramanathapuram it’s 19%. On the contrary, localities like RS Puram and Peelamedu came out much better with 38% and 42% respectively.

How are the food outlets geographically distributed?

Restaurant distribution in Coimbatore
This data might interest you more if you run a food business. This indicates which localities are saturated and which ones are an opportunity to start your new food outlet.

30% of the food outlets deliver to your doorstep

Restaurants that deliver in Coimbatore
Like we mentioned at the start, Coimbatore is well represented by food delivery services. We found that close to 30% of the food outlets were delivering on Zomato. The chart recommends some of popular ones you could try for your next order.

Most reviewed and most photographed food outlets

Most photographed restaurants in Coimbatore
Despite being a relatively new entrant, Barbeque Nation emerged as the most reviewed restaurant. However the most photographed outlet is Kuchi n Kream, not a surprise considering their tastefully done interiors and food presentation.

Where to go when you need more than just food?

Restaurants with amenities in Coimbatore
Need a place where you can work as you sip coffee? How about watching cricket on a giant screen along with dinner? Coimbatore’s got it all. We found that Wifi and Nightlife are the most common amenities provided, whereas we felt there can be more places that did live sports or had a roof top.

Top picks for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner – dare to cover all in a day?

Top restaurants in Coimbatore
Like how there’s a saddle sore for bikers, how about a dare for the foodies? Here’s a route we have chalked out by picking up the top rated options for a veggie breakfast, a buffet lunch, a cafe visit by the evening and then a subtle dinner. Want to try this?

What the people have to say about eating out in Coimbatore

Our analysis was getting a little monotonous at this point as we were looking only at Zomato data. So we got in touch with a couple of foodies and asked to share their thoughts. We could not agree more with Arvind, eating out is in fact the biggest social activity here. Meanwhile, Vignesh did feel the city could have more options for other cuisines.
Foodie quotes in Coimbatore
We have tried our best to keep this article unbiased and just represent our analysis on the Zomato data. We do understand that there are many food outlets that aren’t listed on Zomato, but are good places to try. If you think we have missed out such outlets please do share about them in the comments. If you find this article interesting, do share it with your friends. In case you want to see more details on how we did the analysis, we can email you – just subscribe here.

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