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Here’s our guide to tie up your restaurant with Swiggy. Links to Swiggy partner registration form, contact number, and tie up charges.

How to register your restaurant in Swiggy?

Getting your restaurant listed in Swiggy is a great way to increase sales. Here are the steps to register your restaurant with Swiggy.

  1. Have soft copies of FSSAI, GST and KYC ready.

    You have to upload soft copies of your FSSAI, GST and KYC (Aadhar card / Driving license / Passport / Voter ID) when submitting the Swiggy partnership registration form, so keep these ready.

  2. Submit your restaurant details to Swiggy.

    Visit this page to access the Swiggy partner registration form. Provide your basic details and the full form will appear. Fill the details and upload the soft copy documents.

  3. In case registration form is down, email Swiggy with this subject line.

    While the registration form is the best way, incase of issue, you can email to with subject “I want to partner my restaurant with Swiggy”.

  4. Await for Swiggy representative’s call, takes about 2 weeks.

    While you await for call back from Swiggy, you can finalize your online menu and pricing. Also, make sure you have a bank account that can be linked to the Swiggy account.

  5. Go-live: Provide online menu, pricing and operational hours.

    Swiggy now allows you to have a different pricing for your online menu. Hand over the menu details, food photos, restaurant timings, additional charges, etc. to your Swiggy Point of Contact (POC).

  6. If stuck, send a message to Swiggy Cares on Twitter.

    Swiggy has an active support on Twitter, so in case you are stuck somewhere in this process you can try and DM @swiggycares.

Swiggy Partner Registration Procedure

Swiggy Partner Registration – FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers on Swiggy registration.

Is there a contact number to request Swiggy tie up?

Unfortunately no. Swiggy does not provide a phone number that you can call regarding Swiggy tie up.

What are the Swiggy tie up charges?

There is no fee or charge for getting your listing up and running in Swiggy. However, Swiggy charges a commission on the sales they generate for you. The commission rate is typically 15 – 22% + GST.

What is the benefit of being Swiggy exclusive?

By being Swiggy exclusive, your restaurant should not be listed on any other food ordering portal except Swiggy. The benefit is Swiggy increases the delivery range of your outlet and thereby increasing the number of orders you receive. You can also negotiate for lesser commission rates.

Does Swiggy deliver in my location?

As of now Swiggy delivers in about 500+ cities across India. To know if Swiggy is available in your city, please check at the bottom of their homepage. The most popular cities are Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune.

Will Swiggy share customer phone numbers with us?

Swiggy does not share the customer details on their orders. So you will not be able to connect directly with the customer or use Swiggy to build your CRM.

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