In this blog I am going to talk about setting up an ecommerce website for a local brick and mortar store. According to me online is a channel that every store should, and can open up to improve sales. It is always good to have more sales right! I have used three parameters to analyze my top options for having an ecommerce website – cost, time to build and convenience.

Website for local store


Shopify is paid product, with the plans starting from $29 a month. It is almost a ready to use product out of the box. All you have to do is unpack it and do minimal setup. If you are tech savvy, you can set it up yourself. You can go-live within days. Apart from the basic features anything extra you need is mostly available as apps, which are free or paid. When it comes to customization you might not get exactly what you need. You might need to go for external development.


Woocommerce is a free wordpress plugin. It needs a web server to run. You need external help to setup the website, which would cost you money. So in terms of ease of use Shopify scores over Woocommerce. In terms of features Woocommerce is comparable to Shopify. But Woocommerce is much better when you have lot of customizations in your website.


Facebook provides you a easy way to sell your product on your Facebook page. It is completely free. If you have good Facebook following, it is definitely a good idea to have a store on Facebook. It does not require a lot of help to setup the store and it is hosted. You can start by adding a product and once approved you can start selling.

Custom Website

I would recommend this only if you are a big organization, and either Shopify or Woocommerce doesn’t cater to your needs. This would involve a lot of development meaning more money. Then there is the part of maintenance, which is perpetual.

Simple Product Listing Page

This is a basic website that lists the products that you sell. Technically this is not a ecommerce site. But according to me, it puts your local store in front of people right in their home. People today google to find where they can find a product and this would make you discoverable. It would cost you as low as $100 to build. It is up to you to keep it updated for the customers.


We at Slick are coming up a solution that uniquely caters to the needs of a local store. Keep a tab on this space to know more. We are coming soon to your store steps!

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