SMS marketing has become a powerful tool in the age of mobile phones. It should be done meticulously, as everyone now receives on an average 5 promotional SMS’s on a daily basis. Make sure your SMS campaign is effective by following these tips.

Effective SMS Marketing

Targeted promotions

Send promotions only to relevant customers. For example, you need not send promotions about female beauty products to male customers. Avoid spamming. Customer segmentation can be achieved by analyzing previous purchases made by the customer.

Relevant content

Keep the SMS simple, personal and have a call for action. Make the customer feel important. Make sure you don’t annoy customers with long boring messages, ultimately driving them away. A good example of an SMS would be, “Hi Ram, get 15% off of your next purchase, use message code: RAM15”.

Frequency of SMS

The timing of SMS is key, sending the message during midnight could be least effective. But a promotion for haircuts could be most effective during weekends. Sending the message closer to purchase time is effective in most cases. Time your SMS based on their previous purchase time.

Responsiveness to promotion

It is paramount that your employees know about the SMS campaign, so that they can honor the promotion when a customer arrives through the SMS campaign. Your brand would take severe hit if you do not follow up on your promise.

Campaign effectiveness

The final step of any campaign should be to measure the effectiveness of each campaign. This will determine your future campaign strategy and the type of campaigns. The effectiveness can be measured by correlating the phone numbers and new purchases after the promotions.

Get consent

It is very important to get the consent of customers to avoid legal issues. The first message to any customer should have an opt-out option “Message STOP to 533443”. This need to be present after the first SMS.

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