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Here’s a roundup of the new features we have rolled out to SlickPOS this February. If you don’t see these features in your account, follow these instructions to get the updates. If you run our POS on mobile or tablet, then you can get the updates from Play or App Store. If you are new to SlickPOS, signup now and get SlickPOS for free.

New POS features - Additional charges, refund types

Include additional charges like service charge, delivery charge or packing charge

Now you can setup additional charges on your POS and have them added to each bill either automatically or manually. Additional charge could be a percentage like service charge that restaurants and cafes charge. Or, it could be a constant charge like delivery charge or packing charge. In both cases you can attach taxes as applicable.

Capture refund payment type and cancellation reason

We have enhanced our receipt cancellation feature by adding fields to capture refund payment mode and cancellation reason. The dashboard now shows a more detailed view of refunds in the payment summary section. The receipt detail page also shows the newly added cancellation details.

Ensure printed receipt numbers are always in sequence even when you switch devices

SlickPOS uses two receipt numbers – a local number that’s printed on the receipt and also a sequential number that’s generated when the receipt syncs to the cloud. The local number is usually in sequence unless your change the device or the browser. This setup ensures that both the receipt numbers are unique even when using multiple devices or when billing offline. However, in some countries, say like in India for GST (Goods and Service Tax) filing, the businesses are required to file taxes including the receipt number that’s printed and it’s expected to be in a continuous sequence. In this case, you can enforce sequential receipt numbers from your POS setup preferences. If you do not use individual receipt numbers for tax reporting, you can ignore this preference and continue as usual.

New chat widget that helps us to serve you better

We have updated the chat widget in our website, web POS, iOS and Android POS apps. Please ensure you get the latest update so that you can continue to experience our super responsive support. As always, the chat widget is visible only to account owners.

We hope that you liked our updates, do send us a message if you have any suggestions or if you would like to see a demo. See you again on March with the next round of updates!