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Here’s a roundup of the new features we have rolled out to SlickPOS this October. If you don’t see these features in your account, follow these instructions to get the updates. If you run SlickPOS on mobile or tablet, you can get the updates from Play or App Store. If you are new to SlickPOS, signup now and get SlickPOS for free.SlickPOS Updates Oct 2018

Simplify billing by grouping product variants.

If you sell products with multiple variants, like Pizzas with different sizes and crust options, you can set it up as a product with variants. This simplifies the product list view in the POS and speeds up billing. SlickPOS supports adding multiple variant groups – say, for a product you can have a set of Size options, Flavour options and also Spice Level options. Different options can also be priced differently.

Up-sell better using product add-ons.

Along with product variants, you can also attach a group of add-ons to a product. For example, for a Pizza, you might want to have add-ons like, Onions, Peppers, etc. Add-ons are optional, you can choose to add one or more add-ons while adding products to an order. Add-ons are grouped together with the product in the KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket), preventing any ambiguity while preparing the items in your kitchen.

Add custom payment types like PayTM.

Previously, you could only choose between default payment types – cash, card and other. SlickPOS now supports additional payment types (create from Setup > Custom Fields). We have also modified the payment type field to easily clickable tiles.

Add product specific KOT instructions.

While we have always supported KOT level notes, there are many restaurants and food outlets that offer item level customisation. With our new item level KOT notes, you can add separate instructions to each product and the instructions are printed accordingly in the KOT.

Sort products and products categories.

By default, product categories and products are alphabetically sorted in the Sell screen. However, we have quite a few customers who wanted to sort the items similar to how they have it in their menu. We have a added a new field called Sort Order to products, product categories, variants and add-ons. This is an optional numeric field that can be populated to customise the sort order of the items.

Improve security with 6 digit login PINs.

For simplicity and ease of use, we have a PIN based login for employees. If you have fewer employees, a 4 digit PIN is simple and easy to remember. However, if you have multiple outlets with many employees, you can use upto 6 digit PINs for improved security and prevent accidental logins.We hope that you liked our updates, do send us a message if you have any suggestions or if you would like to see a demo. See you again next month with another round of updates!