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The location of an outlet is one of the most critical aspects of a restaurant business. It is also one of the earliest, and not-so-easy to reverse decisions that a restaurant owner has to take. While there are multiple aspects in choosing a restaurant’s location, factors like customer preferences, existing demand, and supply can be understood by analyzing existing data.

Restaurant Location Analyzer

Restaurant Location Analyzer is a simple tool that turns Zomato listing data from a consumer-centric view to a business-centric view. Given a location, the tool crunches Zomato listings and generates insights that can be helpful to choose a location for a restaurant business.

Using the insights

If you are starting a new food outlet, pretty sure you would be scouting for locations with good potential and market-fit. To get insights, access the Restaurant Location Analyzer here and enter a valid Google Maps address.

Restaurant Location Analyzer - Area Overview

The area overview, offers the following details:

  • Zomato’s Foodie Index on a scale of 5. This gives an indication of the overall demand in the locality.
  • Zomato’s Night Life Index on a scale of 5. If your restaurant primarily depends on evening sales, this index would interest you.
  • The top cuisines show the customer preference in the locality.
Restaurant Location Analyzer - Nearest Outlets Analysis

The “Full Analysis” uses the nearest outlets from the exact map location to generate the insights. While the overview was locality specific, the full analysis focuses on the exact area selected.

  • The Average Cost For Two is an indicator of the purchasing power of the people in the area.
  • Average Rating gives an indication of how well served is the area.
  • The number of Zomato Reviews also indicates the demand in the area.
  • The tool also summarizes the Restaurants by Cuisine Type and Establishment Type (QSR, Dine-In, etc.) along with the average and maximum ratings.

While there is no doubt that a restaurateur on the ground with due diligence and gut feel is primary, the Restaurant Location Analyzer tool is an attempt to assist restaurateurs in making an informed decision. We hope it serves the purpose, do let us know if you have any suggestions or feedback.

Starting a new restaurant? Make sure you choose the right location.