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Here’s a roundup of the new features we have rolled out to SlickPOS this May. If you don’t see these features in your account, follow these instructions to get the updates. If you run SlickPOS on mobile or tablet, you can get the updates from Play or App Store. If you are new to SlickPOS, signup now and get started with SlickPOS for free.

Speedy service with Kitchen Display System.

The SlickPOS Kitchen Display System (KDS) replaces KOT printing with a smarter kitchen app. Using KDS, your chefs will be able to intelligently bunch and prepare dishes. Using a KDS ensures speedy service by prompting your stewards to deliver the dishes to the right table. Know more about our KDS here.

Support different prices by location or order type.

Going forward you will be able to create price books that can override base pricing. For example, you can set different pricing for your outlet in another city. Or, you can keep different prices for dining and delivery orders.

Improved Analytics app.

The Analytics app (Owner’s app) now reports category-wise sales. You will also be able to track top customers so that you can pass them additional benefits. Previously, if you were out of the country, the Analytics app would not have adjusted the timezone. This is now improved and you will be able to set a timezone offset when required.

New customization options.

Some food outlets religiously follow shift open and closure. Now we have a ‘Selling Preference’ to allow creating an order only when a shift is active. We have also added another preference that mandates cashiers/waiters to capture the customer’s mobile number.

We hope that you liked our updates, do send us a message if you have any questions. See you again in a few weeks’ time with the next round of updates!