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Good food has to come in good packaging. The value of the food will be estimated based on the impression the package makes in the hearts of the buyers.

That is why the food packaging industry is booming. The food packaging market is expected to reach USD 411 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 5.5% over the forecast period 2021–2026. According to the Flexible Packaging Association, in 2018, the Food end-user segment contributed to 70% of total flexible packaging revenue worldwide (USD 31.8 billion), which is USD 22.6 billion.

Here are a few simple and effective food packaging ideas that we have shortlisted to inspire you.

• Milk carton as a fade smart indicator

• TOGO burger

• Blossoming Tea

• Honey in Beeswax

• Hay carton for Happy Eggs

• French fries with a ketchup pocket

• Chips in a bowl

• Cups to munch on

• Chocolate paint

• Callegari Olive Oil Bottles

• Pasta Nikita Packaging

• Bozal Mezcal

  • Chocolocuras

1.Milk Carton As A Fade Smart Indicator

Source: Designhill

2.TOGO burger


The TOGO burger is a student project by Seulbi Kim. It was recognized as an innovative food packaging blend of convenience, creativity, and knowledge. It also uses less paper, which means less clutter and an option for easy transportation.

3.Blossoming Tea

Source: ADS SPOT

Samova Tea company has come up with an innovative idea of packaging for their range of tea that informs brew time. Magic unfolds with the dropped tea bag blossoming into a beautiful origami flower that reminds the infused time.

The artistic packaging helps to drink the tea just on time with all the flavors infused in a perfect concoction.

4.Honey In Beeswax

It is also a student project of Maude Paquette-Boula. This sustainable organic food packaging idea uses 100% beeswax in its packaging. It is designed to be reused as a candle once emptied. This package offers a perfect zero-waste solution.


5.Hay Carton For Happy Eggs

A cozy hay box-pressed down carefully into the shape of a carton serves as a great alternative to the regular cardboard carton. Creative food packaging ideas like these have a better reach among customers. This package concept is one of the most eco-friendly food packaging ideas, and the eggs are called ‘Happy Eggs.’


6.French Fries With A Ketchup Pocket

Dong Jiang-uestc, Zhongshan Institute, created this award-winning package. It has a small provision on its front to hold the ketchup. The eco-friendly hot food packaging ideas inspired the concept of creating this unique package.


7.Chips In A Bowl

Bloom Chips looks like a regular packet of Pringles, but it is an innovative design that could double up as a bowl. The designer of this package, Dohyuk Kwon, got this idea when he found it difficult to reach the bottom of the Pringles tin. It gave him the idea to make this package that could be used as a bowl for ease of use.


8.Cups To Munch On

KFC has come up with another great invention of edible cups. It consists of ingredients like a wafer and white chocolate. The Robin Collective, a food packaging design agency developed this concept. It is an excellent idea for a fast-food chain to come up with a fast-food packaging idea that can change how the fast-food industry operates if it is adopted correctly.

Source: Business Insider

9.Chocolate Paint

Graphic Designer Nendo created this unique packaging for the Seibu departmental store in Japan. It appears to be like an assortment of oil paints. But they are all edible.

The package contains tube-shaped chocolates juiced out from different flavors of edible syrups that come with a tag that does the wrapper job.

Source: laughing Squid

10.Callegari Olive Oil Bottles

It is a Spanish product designed by Pereira and O’Dell design firm. It is a premium extra-virgin olive oil brand that turns buyers into brand ambassadors.

The bottle resembles a drop of oil in the form of a golden droplet that stands upright. It can also be used as a decanter centerpiece. And it comes in a wooden case that can transform into coasters, perfect for dressing a salad.

11.Pasta Nikita Packaging

Nikita design agency creatively uses the pasta strands to create an attractive design that grabs some eyeballs for sure. It is a matter of creativity and exploration of packaging design templates, which makes a huge difference in product sales.

Source :

12.Bozal Mezcal

Bozal Mezcal is a brand born in the mountains that produces widely refined mezcals in Guerrero and Oaxaca in Mexico.

Bozal means untamed and comes from Agave and the wild plants used to make these drinks.

The product comes in ceramic bottles. And the design is minimal yet modern, and the heavily textured paper label represents the gritty soil where the agave plantations are.

It is a clean and crisp minimalistic design and a great example where the packaging does the talking


13. Chocolocuras

Chocolocuras offers products like coffee and truffles in a range of flavors.

The package design changes once you turn the tap. Different characters replace their bodies where a policeman becomes a thief, and a lion turns into a hunter.

The design has eye-popping visuals, with a mix of bold colors and bold typography to emphasize the flavor of each product.


What to look for in a food package?

• Branding Identity
• Function
• Simplicity
• Transparency
• FDA compliance
• Sustainability

1.Branding Identity

Good packaging conveys a clear message of your brand and its identity. Packaging plays an essential role in making a connection with your customers. So while you plan to go for food packaging for your product, ask these questions.

• What is your product?

• What makes it unique?

• Who is your customer?

• What is your philosophy?

Your answers will determine the idea with which you have to develop an appealing and functional packaging. Choose everything from the color, shape, size, and material to perfectly harmonize with the brand identity. Make sure the package allows customers to see your company’s name and logo and clearly understand your brand’s message.


Good packaging serves two functions: protecting and preserving the food it contains. A takeaway food packaging idea is what you should consider. A package must be able to hold the food intact without causing product spillage. The food must stay fresh while it sits on the shelf.

Failing at any of these would result in a massive loss as retailers will deduct damaged products’ costs from profits.

The other aspect of food packaging is that it must be able to make it obvious what the product benefits are. Shoppers spend only a couple of seconds making decisions. Your package must be appealing and convincing enough to make shoppers pick up your brand from the shelf.

Your packaging design must follow the labeling guidelines of The Food and Drug Administration department.

Ask these essential questions as you design food packaging:

• What type of material will keep the product fresh for longer?

• How should the package be flexible or rigid?

• How big should the package be to accommodate your message?

• Will your package design make it easy to be portable?

• What will be the shipping cost?

• Will the product be stored prior to displaying?

• What is the duration of the product to remain on the shelf? • What are the product’s benefits, ingredients, considerations, and brand identity?


Take a look at the supermarket shelves and ask these questions:

• What is this product for?

• What’s the brand?

Make the purpose of the product loud and clear. Designing an irrelevant package that does not relate to the contents will not do well in the stores. For instance, cleaning products packed in packages resembling juice cans will confuse the customers.

Your product package must convey your message clearly, while also making it known to the shoppers what your package carries


Make sure not to overdo the package. Your product package must not have any form of over-exaggeration. The copywriting and the package design as a whole must be an honest reflection of your product that is inside. For instance, a product label could mention organic, natural, and fresh words. In contrast, the product would never have any such credentials.

Even if shoppers fall for it after tasting the product, they will not feel like rebuying it. It is a massive loss for your brand. Your product package must not be a deterrent but an attracting factor that brings revisiting shoppers.

5.FDA Compliance

Your product package must always comply with the FDA regulations for food labeling. Make sure to list the nutrition claims, the ingredients list, and the nutrition facts. Ensure that your design complies with all these rules, or it will result in the rejection of your package.


Sustainability must be the center of your design. Sustainable food package ideas are now utilized to a large extent. This world needs sustainable solutions and makes your brand and advocate for sustainability hold a place in the market. Eco-minded consumers love to see eco-friendly packaging. It will increase word-of-the-mouth marketing for your brand, and it contributes to the betterment of the world and sees the byproduct of your efforts benefiting your brand identity.

Packaging design tips to take into consideration:

Make sure to gather all the necessary information before starting the actual process of designing the package. Keep all the nutritional information, ingredients list, and barcodes before you begin to know where to place the information appropriately. These are some of the hot food packaging ideas.

• Research the competition

• Be different

• Shelf impact

• Extensibility

• Practicality

1.Research the competition

Competitor analysis is vital for any business. And in the food industry, you will have to make your product stand out from your competitors. Study their product, message, brand image, and everything about them that works and doesn’t work.

2.Be different

Don’t go by any formula. What is working for someone may not work for your product. So use different strategies and come up with many ideas to make your product perfect for standing out from the clutter. Adapt aesthetic food packaging ideas, but make it unique to stand out from the crowd.

3.Shelf impact

Shoppers are attracted to the package that speaks to them. It could be anything, from the color theme, logo, or the tagline that will speak to the shoppers, attract them and make them come near, grab the product and learn what your product is all about. It will give them ample time to decide to buy your product. They determine the value of your product by reading the message on your package. It is called shelf impact. You have to consider one more aspect regarding hot food packaging ideas.


Your package must be designed with allowances for future product variations. Make sure your product package is flexible to adapt your sub-brands. For instance, Oreos shares a coherent package design for all its variants that have unique tastes.

Make sure to make your design systematic so you can swap common themes and relevant branding messages onto new products for future branding needs.


Your restaurant food packaging idea must be a design that reflects your brand persona. Designing your package to be more practical is a sure way to gain more consumers. Shoppers are attracted to products that offer a practical way to be used as needed. For instance, a bottle that can also be placed upside down is a good alternative that shoppers might love.

What are the types of food packaging materials?

• Customizable Box
• Fun packaging
• Edible wrapper
• Sed-infused packaging
• Eco-friendly packaging
• Minimalistic packaging
• Personalized packaging
• Reusable packaging
• Frozen food packaging

1. Customizable Box

Creative custom boxes help you stand out and provide a memorable experience to your customers. It also lets you offer a personalized customer experience, which can drastically improve the opinion customers have of your restaurant.

For instance, if a customer has kids at home, you can use a food container with cartoon stickers. You can consider personalizing the box into a collectible item. You can also choose to write the customers’ names to add a personal touch to every order.

Also, you can conduct a food packaging ideas DIY contest and ask your customers to participate. Ask them to create their DIY custom design for your product and select the winners with the best design that complies with your philosophy. It also serves as a great promotional opportunity for your brand.

2. Fun Packaging

The best food delivery service ensures the dish reaches safely with some fun twist. It is also an excellent opportunity for restaurant branding.

Fun packaging could be anything, from funny quotes on the packet to colorful designs. However, ensure that it shows what the content is and needs to be handled carefully. You can make a fun packaging an affordable option, making it a cheap food packaging idea.

3. Edible Wrapper

Edible wrappers became popular when KFC invented a 200% edible wrapper to pack their famous double-down sandwich.

The edible wrapper is made up of rice paper and edible ink; the edible wrapper allows you to pack your dishes in a way that reaches the customer safely and doesn’t hurt the environment.

4. Seed-infused Packaging

Seed-infused packaging is one of the most innovative and eco-friendly packaging solutions. Instead of throwing the packaging material away, the customer can use them to grow plants.

If most of your customers live in apartments, you can choose plants that don’t need much-growing space. If they live in a country with a garden, you can choose plants that require more space to grow.

5. Eco-friendly Packaging

You can use biodegradable containers if you’re looking for a more cost-effective packaging solution. Eco-friendly packaging is environmentally friendly and helps you attract people who look for sustainable options. Some eco-friendly packaging and low-cost food packaging idea for online food delivery are:

• Rice husk

• Glass containers

• Bamboo

• Gelatin films

• Banana leaves

• Areca palm

• Paper or cardboard

• Bioplastics

6. Minimalistic Packaging

Minimalism is a huge trend in the food packaging industry. The concept of minimalism is using what is needed and nothing more to the extent of wasting. In food packaging, it involves keeping a simple food packaging idea relevant. A minimalistic design focuses on providing value. It makes your packaging look neat and clean. Health supplement industries are now turning to health food packaging ideas for a minimalist way of packing their supplements.

7. Personalized Packaging

Personalized packaging helps build a long-lasting relationship with customers. You show that you care for them by including details like their name. It’s not just personalizing for the customer. Instead, you can make your packaging personalized to your restaurant.

For instance, if you own a multi-cuisine restaurant, your packaging design could reflect that by being more put-together and minimalistic. Personalized packaging solutions are great as takeaway food packaging ideas for restaurants that offer takeaway orders.

8. Reusable Packaging

As mentioned above, reusable packaging is an aesthetic food packaging idea that encourages customers not to dispose of the container. This way, customers not only get an additional container to use, but it also shows that you care for the environment.

Besides, reusable packaging is a great way to make your restaurant more recognizable. Since customers will be using your containers regularly, chances are their friends will also start noticing your brand.

9. Frozen Food Packaging

The German company Frosta sells its frozen ready-to-eat meals in paper bags. The pack is made using Kraft paper. This package is an initiative to avoid plastic usage and to serve as a pioneer in frozen food packaging ideas that are eco-friendly.

Kraft paper is a high-density type of paper that most food manufacturers and restaurants favor. The popularity of this product is due to its:

• High absorbency

• Toughness and durability

• Biodegradability; it is made from wood pulp

What are the nine methods of food packaging?

• Aseptic processing
• Bags
• Boxes
• Cans
• Cartons
• Flexible packaging
• Pallets
• Trays
• Wrappers

What is the best packaging to be used in food products?

Boxes are the best packaging that can be used for food packaging needs. It allows the easy and safe transportation of the food. Boxes are commonly made with corrugated fiberboard, metal, and wooden pallets. Boxes are more resistant and a lot less prone to damage.


Now, we hope you understand the importance of developing a strategy to develop the best food packaging ideas to help you boost your brand identity. Every single product of your brand deserves a perfect package that is also eco-friendly, sustainable, and minimalistic to support your brand’s goals and your potential customers’ goals.