Day 0, the day before your store opens is the climax to all the hard work that you have done in the past few months. Has anyone been tension free the month before Day 0. The answer is a big NOOOOOO. After deciding the business model, store location, store interiors. The last month is focused on having the perfect opening. There are lots of tasks to be done in the last one month.

I too have gone through the pain sleepless nights, non-responding vendors, and no idea where to get the right vendor. This is the list of things I had to take care during the last month before opening our store.

Store opening checklist

The list extends depending on the type of store you are opening. You might ask, why can’t these be taken care earlier? With the business taking precedence these tasks usually land up last on your list. Imagine one or two people taking care of all these. Most of these tasks have to be done by local vendors who are tough to find and their credibility unknown. There is no service that takes care of all these. We as storeowners incur losses both in terms of money and time in completing all of these tasks.

Identifying these vendors is done through referrals, which are very few to come by, or by online portals like Justdial were finding the right guy is tedious. What if there is a place that gives you all the contacts required for opening a store, and they are rated each time they do a service. I am sure this would reduce the storeowner’s headache by 50 percent. If you think such a portal would be useful, comment your opinion below.

*The list is focused on Indian retail stores, but most of the checklist items are generic to other countries.

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