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Food is delicious, cocktails are mixed at the right proportion, the tantalising aroma fills the air, the table is set! Would this promise you an increase in sales? Would this suffice to have an edge over other competitors?Definitely, NO! There are various factors to work on to bring the crowd, to be the forerunner, to increase restaurant sales. Here we provide you the top 5 ways to increase restaurant sales.

    ‘Good things come in small packages’ . Often we tend to see the bigger picture forgetting the benefits that lie in the smaller details. One of the core component to increase restaurant sales is to design a smart menu which influences the customers’ choices. According to the customers, the menu reciprocates the taste of food. Here are a set of tips to design a perfect menu:

  • Promote your brand in every aspect by including logos, brief history, apt font style or in the food names, etc
  • Place the most profitable food (not expensive) in the top right corner in a two column menu. Use golden triangle method in a three column menu where the preferences in order are middle, top right and top left.
  • Add vivid description in a detailed manner to drift the focus of customers from price mentioned.
  • Place the price right after the description and not column wise, segregating the food list and its price, as it would allow the customers to compare.
  • Colours play a role too. Green, yellow, orange, red stimulates the appetite in different ways.

    If your menu is not psychologically driven then it’s high time to change the menu design to increase restaurant sales. For more details, check out our previous blogs on menu designing and tools to design the menu on your own.

Offer customers different ways to buy

    A group of friends returning from theatre would prefer to eat at their favourite restaurant. Whereas, an employee after a long day at work would prefer to get a parcel of food on his way back home. On a relaxing day, families would prefer to have their food delivered at the door step. So when a restaurant is able to fulfil the diverse needs of people then there is no doubt it would increase the restaurant sales. Here are few suggestions to level up the game:

  • A separate menu and a separate area for takeaways would speed up the process of sales even if the dining room is completely occupied.
  • Either have your own food delivery system or outsource your delivery to a third party companies like Swiggy, Zomato, Foodpanda, etc. The former would help you to promote your brand thereby indirectly increasing the sales and the latter would directly increase restaurant sales.
  •  Offering different modes of payment will lead to a diverse customer base.

    To manage the above in a single platform use the most versatile POS and experience an increase in sales.

Loyalty program

    When a customer chooses your brand over others at every single occasion, it is important to return the favour through loyalty programs. This will help you to retain the customers thereby leading to increased restaurant sales. Here are some key factors to keep in mind with regard to loyalty programs.

Recognition –  Loyalty programs helps to streamline 20 – 30 % of the customer base who provide repeat business. Offering them rewards would give them the recognition they deserve.

Improvisation – Nowadays, as the trend is changing, people prefer message-enabled loyalty programs to plastic cards. Hence regular updates is necessary.

Relationship – Beyond the rewards, a warm welcoming smile or a polite reply would build more trust. Hence do not overlook these to reap 100 % benefit from loyalty programs.

    Make sure that the data collected is not used poorly. Design a consistent, simple and novel program to let the customers enjoy the benefits solely crafted for them. The more customers are satisfied with the rewards the more they would recommend it to others.      

Online presence

    In the era of millennials, likes, comments, shares, hashtags, views are of utmost importance. As it is the need of the hour, it is essential to increase your restaurant’s presence online. Here are few ways to do it:

Social Media – On an average, a person spends 135 minutes per day on social media and has 7 active social media accounts with 98% of people having at least one social network account. Hence it is important to have an account on top 3 social media sites:

    Facebook – People aged between 25 – 34 are the prominent users.

    Instagram – Youngsters of 16 – 24 years of age are active on Instagram. 

    Twitter – Next to facebook, twitter is predominately used across all age groups.

    Posting regular videos of behind the scenes, the making of favourite dish, special occasions and photos would spread the word to a larger audience.

Online listings – This is very important for your business to be found online. Listing sites allows you to include address, phone number, website, reviews, etc. By doing this, it increases your brand visibility, drives traffic to your website, build trust and enhance customer engagement. The top few sites to start would be Google My Business, Bing, Yelp, LinkedIn Company Directory, etc. The more it is listed more people can find you.  

    Online presence not only attracts local people but also tourists who look out for restaurants and cafes during their stay.

Intelligent offers

    By proving intelligent offers, one can change the most quiet/dull hours of the business to happy hours. Here are few ideas followed in bars and restaurants to increase restaurant sales during the dull hours:

  • Provide food at affordable prices. In order to avoid loss, you can provide combo offers of high-profit margin food and low priced drinks to cover up the cost.
  •  Happy hours are mostly preferable late in the afternoon (5 to 7 p.m.) when people usually get off work and late in the night (after 10 p.m.) as 41% of aged between 21-34 visit at those hours.
  • These hours can also turn out to be the hours when customers socialise with their peers. Hence great music could be played to set the mood of the customers.

       Check out SlickPOS which provides specialised features to increase the restaurant sales during the happy hours.

    With these added ingredients, the specialty of your food and drinks would reach wider audience, make them stay and spread the word!

Spend less time on operations and focus more on growth.