“Know your customer” is the new age mantra. Immediately our thoughts go to CRM, metrics like buying pattern, value etc. These are important, but for a retail store something else is more important as customers are physically present.

Know your customer

It is about showing the customer that the employees know them personally. It gives the customer a feeling of trust and improves the chances of them buying more. This used to happen naturally in our neighborhood stores as store owners were present and were able to identify the customer by name. Now with employees managing stores and increase in volume of customers it is impossible to remember everybody. The details we need to know is simple and straightforward. Let’s take the following examples

Fashion boutiques – Keeping the customers measurements in books is cumbersome and gets lost. If it can be produced immediately during a sale, it makes the customer more comfortable while buying.

Optics – How many times have we kept our eye prescription safe? 99 percent of the optics out there don’t maintain the prescription. Just keeping the record would improve the customer experience manifolds.

Restaurants, Bakeries – Telling the customer what they bought the previous time would mean the customer has the opportunity to try something new as well as reorder the favorite item again.

Maintaining the customer birthdays, anniversaries and sending a simple message on the day would always keep your brand fresh.

All of these are simple customer data that most retail stores fail to capture. The best time to capture them is during a sale and most POS’s out there don’t give the flexibility to do it. Next time you choose a POS for your retail store make sure it helps you to “Know your customer”

We at SlickPOS focus on helping stores improve sales. “Know your customer” is a key feature that we have built into our system. Check out how it can be used.

POS for Optics

POS for optics

POS for Fashion boutiques

POS for fashion boutiques

Likewise, any customer detail can be captured and stored in SlickPOS. If you like to schedule a demo and see how SlickPOS works click here.