A restaurant consultant becomes an asset to your restaurant because the value of your restaurant business rises depending on the mentorship of the restaurant consultants you hire. The key is to hire the best consultant who can be there for you when you need them from the beginning of your journey as a new restaurateur to an established business.

What is a restaurant consultant, and what does he do?

A restaurant consultant works closely with the restaurants to analyze the shortcomings and develop future-ready strategies to take the business from level zero.
A restaurant consultant knows the game of running a successful restaurant well enough to set the path for a restaurant from level zero. They mentor in every area of the restaurant business, including:
1.Brand and concept development
2.Hiring and training employees
3.Menu designing
4.Restaurant design
5.Restaurant finance planning
6.Social media marketing

What to look for in hiring the best consultant for your restaurant?

An ideal restaurant consultant should have years of valuable experience under his sleeve to benefit your restaurant business no matter if it is in season or out of season. An ability to identify risks, solve problems, and have the knack to overcome hurdles and keep the stability that your restaurant deserves.

How much does a restaurant consultant cost?

A restaurant consultant may charge depending on their knowledge and experience. Hiring a restaurant consultant can be hourly, daily, and monthly. Restaurant consultants charge per project or as per the goal of your restaurant business.
It also depends on where you live. The restaurant consultant fees range from $250 to $1,000 daily or $40 to $120 per hour. Restaurant consultants also charge per project depending on the goal of your restaurant brand. You can discuss it before the final proposal is laid down. Communicate your requisites clearly, whether it is an hourly or project-based rate that you prefer. Include the travel expenses in your proposal.

Restaurant Consultant Salary

What is a restaurant consultant’s salary?

According to Glassdoor, the typical salary range of a restaurant consultant is estimated as ₹12L /yr.

Restaurant Consultant in Kolkata

Mango Kurry

restaurant consultant in Kolkata - Mango Kurry

Restaurant Consultants work with restaurants to achieve their goals in the food business through fast and insightful service. They work with small and medium enterprises and chain restaurants. They are also open kitchen restaurant consultants that cater to the needs of open kitchen restaurants.

Mango Kurry is represented by Sartaj S Bedi.

Restaurant Consultant Ahmedabad

Paras Consultants

They work with new restaurant establishments and restaurants that need to be revived. They help restaurants to achieve faster growth and to move ahead of competitors.

Bistro Brain

Bistro Brain consultants work with newcomers and cater to E2E (end to end) Hospitality and consulting, resulting in authenticity, professionalism, and actual concern for the happiness and well-being of the customers. They have a thorough knowledge of setting up an entire food service establishment. And they also provide chef consultation, which they consider the prime driving force that forms the pillar to assembling other pieces of Hospitality to make a successful restaurant business.

Restaurant Consultant in Chennai

Eatitude offers expert help to new restaurants. They have been developed to be a one-stop solution suitable for all budgets.

Eatitude offers out-of-the-box concepts and strategies to help every restaurant, big and small. Their team includes Celebrity Chefs, Marketing Professionals, Creative Designers, Food Photographers, Copywriters, Recruitment & Training Professionals, Engineers, Food Scientists, Financial Experts & More.

Restaurant Consultant Bangalore

White Truffle Consultants

How to be a Restaurant Consultant?

Most professional restaurant and hospitality consultants hold a degree in hospitality management, culinary management, business/marketing management, or a related field of study.

Broaden Your Scope. Take courses that broaden your industry awareness, scope, knowledge, and resume. Seek internships or employment within like-minded companies to find your niche, gain experience in the food industry, and develop your industry skill set. The job profile of a restaurant consultant should include the following:

1.Knowledge of industry and local area food and safety compliance laws, standards, and practices
2.Kitchen management, menu development, and proficient, quality procurement
3.Build-out and construction management, with a focus on cost, usable space, and energy efficiency
4.Interior design proven practices that enhance the brand, and the brand concept
5.Proficiency in establishing long-term relationships: with clients and construction workers, kitchen staff and marketing teams, and beyond
6.Experience training restaurant teams to provide streamlined, superior guest services.
7.Continued learning and going that extra mile. Continue to expand your industry knowledge and skill set. In such a faced-paced, ever-changing industry, it will set you apart and foster a thriving restaurant and hospitality career.

Restaurant Consultant in Delhi

Secret Ingredient

Secret Ingredient is India’s leading hospitality consulting group for the restaurant & food industry. Their perspective comes from years of hands-on experience in the Food and Beverage Industry and advising some of the best and brightest in the industry.

What does it take to be a restaurant consultant in India?

A restaurant consultant has a good background in restaurant management, top-notch training, and talent in consulting.

A good restaurant consultant must be able to be different in terms of the perspectives needed to look farther than the limitations in the industry.

An expert restaurant consultant must stand out from other designations in the industry. And a good consultant must be interested in serving with patience and joy.

Someone who must be able to go that extra mile to ensure an expected result for the stakeholders in the industry. A great consultant can quickly adapt to changes and must be flexible and adaptable to work under different conditions.

We can hear you asking, ‘who are the best restaurant consultants near me?

We have given here a list of Top Restaurant Consultants in India.

List of all the top restaurant consultants in India:

1. Chef Manjit Singh / Recode Hospitality

Restaurant Consultant in India - Chef Manjit Singh

Chef Manjit is a self-taught, self-employed chef, ruling the charts in the past 2 decades. He became a restaurant consultant in 2012.

Email: chefmanjit[at]chefmanjit.com

Website: www.chefmanjit.com

Social Media: Instagram / Twitter / Facebook Manjit Singh

2.Misha Pamnany

Misha Pamnany is an experienced restaurant and bar consultant in India. She works as a 360° hospitality consultant. She is also the proprietor of Salt & Pepper F&B Consultants and works closely with food & beverage industry experts, including restaurants and bars. She mentors in menu engineering, pre-opening, planning & strategizing.

Email: misha[at]saltandpepper.biz

Website: http://saltandpepper.biz/

Social Media: Facebook & Instagram: @thesaltandpepperstory

3. Rajesh Kumar

Rajesh Kumar began his career with the Taj Group of Hotels & Resorts. He later became a seasoned restaurant consultant in India, and he has worked with top brands such as KFC and Pizza Hut.

Email: rajesh[at]gourmetsage.com

Website: http://www.gourmetsage.com/

Social Media: Facebook & Instagram: @gourmetsage

4. Chef Amit Gaur

Chef Amit Gaur is an experienced chef who has worked in 5 Star Luxury Hotels & Resorts in India and abroad. In 2014, he started his restaurant consultancy. His consultancy focuses on the pre-opening of restaurants, menu planning, kitchen design, recipe costing, staff training, and digital marketing.

Email: hi[at]chefamit.com

Website: https://www.chefamit.com/

Social Media: Facebook & Instagram: @chefamitgaur

5. Rahul Bhatia

Rahul Bhatia is the founder of PHR Restaurant Consultant Ltd. His purpose is to give top-class consultation to restaurant owners. He has worked with over 100 restaurants in India.

Email: enquiry[at]phrconsultant.in

Website: https://phrconsultant.in/

Facebook: @phrconsultantbusiness

6. Gaurav Narang

Gaurav Narang is a restaurant owner and a restaurant consultant. He is the founder of Coffee Culture. He founded the coffee shop in 2004 and has been operating for almost 17 years.

Email: me[at]gauravnarang.com

Facebook: @gauravnarangconsultant

7. Umesh Kapoor

Umesh Kapoor is among the top restaurant consultants in Delhi. In 2004, he was a Sous Chef at The Grand Hyatt. He then became a Corporate Chef for Under One Roof Hotel Consultants in October 2005. In February 2009, he started his own consultancy firm, Zion Hospitality Consultants.

Email: i[at]zhc.in

Website: http://www.zhc.in

Facebook: @zhcindia

8. Prashanth Chembala

Prashanth Chembala, the founder of the Bistro Brain Hospitality Services, started his career as a chef at The Oberoi in 2002 and in September 2017 he began his consultancy services.

Email: contact[at]bistrobrain.com

Website: https://www.bistrobrain.com/

Facebook: @bistrobrain4u

Instagram: @bistrobrain

9. Chef Amit Puri

Chef Amit Puri is a restaurant consultant and a Cookbook author. He was a sous chef for Concept Hospitality. He started his consultancy services in 2016. His notable clients include Meluha The Fern, An Ecotel Hotel, Atelier by Ambrosia, Afterlife Restaurants, Babylon, Falooda Nation, and The Tandoor Tale.

Email: info[at]chefamitpuri.com

Website: https://www.chefamitpuri.com/

Facebook/Instagram: @ChefAmitPuri

10. Sanjay Kotian

Sanjay Kotian has 25 years of experience in the food and beverage industry. After his training in the US, he started his restaurant business as a restaurant consultant in Mumbai. His services focus on concept development, cost management, financial analysis, and kitchen design.

11. Devbrat Bhardwaj

Devbrat Bhardwaj started his career at The Park Hotels. In March 2014, he began his consultant services with Chefs at Work. Later, he founded his own consulting company, One Sprig Hospitality Consultants.

Email: devbrat.bhardwaj[at]onesprig.com


Facebook: @onesprig

Instagram: @one_sprig

12. Nikita Dalwani

Nikita Dalwani co-founded DNY Hospitality. Her team focuses on consulting, conceptualizing, and creating F&B companies.

Email: info.dnygroup[at]gmail.com


Facebook/Instagram: @dnyhospitality

13. Chef Abhijit Saha

Chef Abhijit Saha started his career as a Sous Chef with The Taj Group of Hotels from 1990 to 1998. He then moved up the food chain and worked primarily as an Executive Chef for The Manor Hotels and The Park Hotels from 1998-to 2007. He started his consulting career in 2008 with Avant-Garde Hospitality as a Chef/Entrepreneur.

Email: abhijitsahabangalore[at]gmail. com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/abhijit-saha-98a4887/

We hope our guide to becoming a restaurant consultant has helped you know the details of all aspects of a restaurant consultant. And how a restaurant consultant can help you if you own a restaurant business. Let us know in the comments about anything else that you might want to know about how a restaurant can benefit from hiring a restaurant consultant.