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Restaurant Franchise in India are multiplying due to the ongoing expansion and demand in the food industry. If you are after the idea of opting in for a franchise model in the restaurant industry, you are in the right place.

According to the national restaurant association report of India, the restaurant industry is projected to have a growth rate of RS 5.99 lakh Crores at the end of the 2022/23 financial year.

Here, we have listed the top 10 restaurant franchises in India for 2022.

What is a Restaurant Franchise?

A restaurant franchise is a business that allows a franchisee to get the rights to sell and market the products of a particular restaurant brand. The franchisee will pay a fee to acquire the franchise license in this business model.

The franchise owner takes care of managing and running the franchise outlet. Meanwhile, the franchisee will receive monetary compensation based on the agreement. The restaurant brand will offer support and marketing assistance to run the outlet. This low-risk business model provides assured support and profits.

The essential requirements that must be considered before opting for this model are location, investment, type of restaurant brand, and the market requirement of your chosen area.

How to Start the Best Restaurant Franchise in India?

If you are new to the franchise business model, particularly in the restaurant industry, or if you already own a restaurant and want to learn about franchising opportunities, then keep reading.

Follow these steps to know where to begin your journey.

Evaluating the business model:

Start by evaluating the present business model of a restaurant. Find out if the restaurant concept is scalable. Analyze if your current business model is giving you profits regularly. And finally, analyze if your restaurant concept is worth expanding.

Creating a process and system

If you find that your restaurant concept is scalable, create a process and a system. Expect your franchisees to follow this process and the design you have made. Ensure consistency across all franchise outlets, which is crucial to avoid any form of brand name dilution.

Registering the trademark and logo

Registering the logo and acquiring a trademark of a restaurant brand is essential. The franchisees will be accessing this logo and trademark to sell the services of the restaurant brand.

Estimating costs

Next to setting up the processes and system, the next step is to estimate the cost, including initial setup cost, food preparation expenses, and location-related costs.

Develop brand profile

Educating the franchisees about the restaurant’s brand vision, products and services, support, and the launching date to open the franchise outlet is very important.

Drafting franchise agreement

As there are no specific laws governing restaurant franchises in India, it is essential to have a registered agreement between both parties to avoid an unwanted rift between the franchisor and the franchisee.

Planning about staff training

Training the staff of franchise outlets is essential to maintain the reputation of the parent brand.

Marketing the franchise outlet

The restaurant can support the marketing efforts of the franchise outlet based on the location of the outlet.

Top 10 restaurant franchise in India for 2022

1.Dunkin Donuts Franchise

restaurant franchise in India - Dunkin Donuts Franchise

Dunkin Donuts is a world-renowned brand that has outlets all around the world.

This brand came into existence in 1948 and is highly popular for its donuts, coffees, and bakery items. Initially, it was launched under ‘open kettle donut and coffee shop.’ In 1950, the company was rebranded as Dunkin Donuts. The brand vision is to serve the freshest coffee and freshly baked donuts courteously, and the company follows this rule to this day.

In 1955, Dunkin Donuts began franchising, and by 1960, it had over 100 restaurants across the USA.

Today, the brand has restaurant franchises in 32 countries, serving 70 different doughnut flavors, hot and cold coffee, bagels, breakfast sandwiches, and other baked items. India is on their franchise list, giving you a perfect opportunity to start your Dunkin Donuts franchise.

We Food Boat Franchise

We Food Boat franchise is a unique franchise model, operating under the cloud kitchen model. It is a model that offers multiple brands of food items under one roof. And the best part is that you don’t have special training for your staff members to start it. You only need to get the license, and the team will provide you with the complete online and offline marketing training.

You can have over ten brands under one roof in this franchise opportunity. With this model, customers can have access to multiple brands, and they don’t have to rely upon one particular brand.

Another advantage of this opportunity is the cost, which is less than the others on this list. It is because this is operated entirely online, hence the cloud kitchen model.

3.KFC Franchise

KFC chicken need not need an introduction. It is a top-rated restaurant franchise all around the world. This restaurant brand is renowned for its fried chicken.

Headquartered in Kentucky, it is the second-largest fast-food restaurant chain in the world. It operates in 136 countries and has 22681 franchise outlets worldwide.

In India, there are multiple options available with a KFC restaurant franchise in India. They include,

  • Smallbox: limited seating and focus on grab-and-go ordering.
  • Food court: communal seating and grab-and-go restaurant style.
  • Restaurant: ample seating with in-house serving.

If you want to join hands with their extensive restaurant business system, then this franchise is your best bet.

4.Belgian Waffle Franchise

Belgian Waffle, established in 2015, is dedicated to providing customers with quality Waffles at an affordable price.

Waffles were new to India at that time, so they added a personal touch to their original recipe. The founder, Shrey, identified the huge market potential in India and founded the Belgium waffles restaurant. And launched the restaurant franchise business model.

This restaurant franchise serves hot and tasty waffles in flavors, fillings, syrups, cookies, fruit slices, or cream. They serve waffwiches and Pizza Waffles as other options. If you want to take this exciting food to your neighborhood, then this might be your opportunity.

5.Dominos Franchise

Dominos burgers and pizzas are everyone’s favorite. And it is a well-known pizza delivery system all over the world, offering both online and offline ordering options. They also serve pasta, sandwiches, chicken wings, and salads. In India, there are about 10000 Dominos pizza outlets.

With their model, you don’t have to worry about marketing it separately as the brand name speaks for itself.

The Subway franchise is an enormous initiative with a total of 39000 outlets in 102 countries. In India, it is one of the top best franchises. And this is the most successful sandwich chain in the world. There are 353 franchise outlets present in India, and the number keeps increasing. Their franchise model is very robust and is a very desirable franchise for any restaurant business owner. If you are searching for an affordable startup cost, then this one’s for you.

Top Quick Service Restaurant Franchises in India for 2022

1.Biryani Queen Franchise

The Biryani queen restaurant offers a non-veg restaurant franchise in India. Smitha Sabharwal, the founder of this restaurant, wanted to expand her cooking talent. And so, she started a home business with Biryani as the main focus. Following immediate success and overwhelmingly positive responses, she started the Biryani queen restaurant.

Biryani queen serves authentic Biryani in mud pots. The menu includes all the different signature Biryani varieties of India. This also has a very high success rate, which you could certainly consider.

2.Fries AND Burgers Franchise

Fries N Burgers is a quick-service restaurant cum cafe that serves a wide variety of burgers, sandwiches, fries, milkshakes, mojitos, appetizers, and coffee. The mission is to serve only healthy and tasty food.

One of the key features of this restaurant’s success is placing a high value on the customer experience. They also place particular importance on the appearance of the restaurant premises and, as an additional feature, provide separate reading and dining areas.

Another chief contributor to the success of this restaurant is they produce their own burger patties that don’t include any preservatives.

Although the restaurant recently ventured into the franchise business, when you opt for this restaurant franchise in India with low investment, the menu itself will yield success in a quick time.

3.UFO Franchise

The UFO café style restaurant provides French Fries in a variety of flavors, making it way more interesting for customers of all ages. The restaurant was launched in Mumbai and quickly expanded its fast food restaurant franchise in India. The fries are served in cones with additional condiments such as spices, sauces, and dips.

Other than french fries, they also serve fries, corn, burgers, twisters, waffles, milkshakes, coolers, and Iced-tea. They are 100% vegetarian, and it would be a great and interesting choice if you are planning to start a vegetarian café style restaurant.

4.Kathi Express Franchise

The Kathi Roll franchise is a very popular small restaurant franchise in India. And the Kathi Express franchise will certainly be the one for you. The Kathi roll flavors can be changed and sold on a daily basis. After opening a fast food shop, the Kathi Express restaurant franchise business was started recently.

Complete operational assistance will be provided from the brand with additional training for staff members on how to run the business outlet. It is the one for you if you are a beginner looking for a fast-food restaurant franchise in India.

Now, let’s answer a few questions about restaurant franchises.

How profitable is a restaurant franchise?

Everyone thinks restaurant franchise owners are the biggest moneymakers. But according to a Franchise Business Review report, 51.5 percent of food franchises earn profits of less than $50,000 a year, and only about 7 percent of food franchises have profited over $250,000.

How can I get a franchise of a restaurant in India?

Contact a restaurant brand directly or search for listings on third-party websites that feature franchise opportunities. Do networking with business owners who have franchise outlets.

Are there restaurant franchises in Tamil Nadu?

These are the two best restaurant franchises currently available in Tamil Nadu. And these are among the best South Indian Restaurant Franchises in India.

MyHottSpott, Madurai

MyHottSpott is located in Madurai, and they have been in the food industry for ten years. They provide the best food franchise in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. They are a high-volume Pizza restaurant and offer exciting franchise opportunities.

MI Pizza, Coimbatore

MI Pizza was started in 2017 in Coimbatore. They make handmade pizzas and offer excellent franchise opportunities.

In 2018, they launched their second brand Burger Bytes focusing on making Grilled Chicken Burgers. Following their success, their franchise company ARS foods now offers franchise opportunities to those who aspire to become an entrepreneur.


The top 10 restaurant franchise opportunities in India would have given you a clear view of each one of them. If you are seriously considering moving into the realm of restaurant franchising, analyze which would be the best one for you and utilize the best of these opportunities for a profitable long-term income.

We hope we have given you clarity on how to start a franchise restaurant in India if our information helped you, comment below and let us know