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You could find tons of small cafe design ideas on the internet. But you cannot choose one and make it work for your Café. When choosing their favorite Café, customers look for an inviting atmosphere and excellent service more than delicious food. Equipping your café with these features is crucial to maintaining a steady flow of customers.

study conducted on the future of the restaurant focusing on post-pandemic trends toward safety, convenience, and digital shows convenience was clearly the most active frontier. Safety was an unquestioned imperative — a reaction, and Digital still plays a greater, evermore-central role, by nature.

Small cafe design in India needs much more innovation to get past any design overdo and be on the same page with the western café design rules. Your Café must serve as an oasis in the wilderness to increase foot traffic and ROI. When the pulse of dining out is reviving, now will be the right time to revise your Cafe’s design book and upgrade it, making it on par with your customers’ expectations.

Simple small cafe design ideas work best when you put things in the right place and in the right way. If it is done, you can be sure to draw more customers at peak and off-peak hours.

In other words, develop a design that upgrades your Café to multi-task. Make it an abode for people looking to spend quality time with their family and friends. And make it a quiet workspace for the corporate crowd that wants to huddle over their next project.

How do you achieve this? Go for a user-friendly design. A user-friendly design constitutes two different design concepts in one — one is ergonomic, and two is aesthetic. It is an ergonomically and aesthetically optimized design.

We cover the various small café design ideas in this blog to help you find what would be suitable for your Cafe’s location and size.

Let’s begin with how to design a café.

Every design begins with a thought process and planning. You must consider some important factors to ensure your planning works for your benefit

Creative Small Cafe Design Ideas : 6 Factors that You Need to Focus On

Know your customers

Your customers’ opinion is your priority. Know your customers, their likes and dislikes. You don’t have to know them personally to determine what they will like and will not like. Think from their perspective. Begin by analyzing who your target customers are. For instance, if your Café is located in a place often visited by the corporate crowd, then you have to make it inviting to them. Design your Café to be like an office but without the formal segregated structure with the office clutter. Make it a relaxing nook for workers to sit down in their favorite spot with their laptops and a cup of their favorite coffee. If your customers are a young crowd, make the décor eye catchy, cool and glamorous. The way young guns like it.

Focus on concept

Always have a theme for your Café. It is like a basic idea of what and how you would like your Café to look, both on the outside and the inside. You cannot ignore the way your Café appears from the outside. Small café design exterior is as important as interior design because it is what the passers-by, who will become your customers, eventually will notice. To develop a concept for your Café, include all the must-haves and then add everything else one by one as you discover more needs according to the latest trends. Ask your designer for more inputs based on the expectations of the customers.


Small spaces need more detailed planning for the interior decorations, including the seating arrangement. Choose a compact seating set up to maximize the space. You can install wall seating and chairs that can be pushed away easily when not in use. You can also prefer modular seating arrangements with built-in chairs.

Color Scheme

Choose a color palette that does not overpower the tone of the space. Neutral colors as a major part of the space or a background act as a base to add other elements that can easily blend in and complement the overall décor of your Café.


Small Cafe Design Ideas - Lighting

Lighting is an important element in the design or planning of a small café. Include a dual purpose design that will make your café well-lit both during the day and night. Use plenty of natural light to utilize the natural resource freely available. Include large windows in the direction that allows plenty of light but not heat. Use power-savvy artificial lighting to enhance the Cafe’s other décor elements. Layer various lighting options throughout your space to create a more aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

Make sure your lighting is not too bright. You need to install the right combination of lighting to enhance the appearance of your café, especially in the evening. Remember, this will also be when you have the maximum foot traffic to your café. Use vintage-style chandeliers for a more Victorian look. Choose contemporary lighting for a minimalist look.


When you keep your goals high, you will make the right efforts to accomplish your goals. In that manner, creating a café or a restaurant of the future must be your goal to ensure success not only for the current years but also for the near future and beyond because time flies away sooner than you can imagine. So staying up-to-date with the latest technology trends for your café is crucial. Focus on the next generation customer to know what you can bring to the table to appeal to this ever-evolving tech-savvy customer?

The next-generation customer is tech-savvy, connected, and expecting concierge-level service around every corner. As a café, investing in the right digital enhancements that are smoothly coordinated will help create a future-ready Café that appeals to all of the senses of this hyper-connected mentality.

If you succeed in this transformation, you will understand your customers, capitalize on digital technology options and analytics, and seize the opportunity to engage customers in a very personalized way. It will further tremendously impact increased dining frequency, customer conversion and loyalty

Expand your territories by engaging with the customers through responsive integrated digital experiences. Invest in innovative technologies such as:

  • Touchscreen Point of Sale Terminals
  • Order and Pay at the Table
  • Handheld Point of Sale Systems
  • Contactless Payments
  • Self-Order Kiosks
  • Kitchen Display Screens
  • Printers for digital receipts
  • POS integrated cash drawer
  • Integrated Online Ordering Solutions

Hire the right interior designer

After conceptualizing your café design, the next pit stop is to hire the right interior designer that can work with you to take the project to its completion. Hire a designer that has vast experience in designing for cafes and restaurants.

Points to discuss and work on with your interior designer:

  • Discuss the expected timeframe to complete the project
  • Finalize the deadline for the completion of the project
  • Finalize the budget for the entire project
  • Convey your dos and don’ts clearly
  • Convey your choice of décor, including the lighting, color scheme and other details

Small Cafe Design Styles

Garden Café Design

A Garden Café brings the exteriors to the interiors. However, like the classic Jumanji movie, it is not like a jungle taking over the café space. A Garden café is filled with carefully selected plants planted within the dining space to make it a comfortable place to enjoy a quiet time with your favorite coffee.

Modern Industrial Café

A modern Industrial design allows the walls to pop out with retro accents and a rough look that compliments the overall appearance of the Café. Add the right light fixtures to finish the look.

Kid-friendly Café Design

A kid-friendly design includes a playing nook for the kids that visit your Cafe with their families. The play corner allows kids to play and make friends while the family enjoys great food and laughter

Mid-century Cafe Design

Mid-century design is about going back to analog in many ways. It is about bringing the mid-century into the modern era. You can bring in a mid-century style by adding mid-century elements like vinyl music and using tapas that are small plates that are so mid-century.

Minimalist Cafe Design

At its core, minimalism emphasizes the importance of removing all the excess and clutter that detracts from your ability to enjoy an experience fully.

As a business strategy, minimalist design removes customer distractions and increases engagement with your core product or purpose. In the café industry, concepts, spaces, menus, and technology that minimize distractions from enjoying the main event — the dining experience — are in hot demand from operators and guests.

Last but not least. Here are some cool décor ideas to make your café the dandiest in town.

The overall architecture of the café will not be complete without the décor. So add a bit of a texture to your café surroundings by incorporating smart and attractive accents throughout the café interior without overpowering the outlook.


A boring wall can be made interesting instantly by accentuating it with some cool textures. Add wall tiles in contrasting color palettes. You can also use wall coloring stencils to get a different outlook without adding anything to the walls. Experiment with colors. Add neon colors to give a neat retro look. For an industrial look, exposed concrete with a naturally rough surface will be a great idea.

Add a couple of interesting wall murals. Choose bold colors and make the art eye-catchy. You can also replicate a famous art in a different version. Hire an artist to do this for your café. It is a great way to enhance the look of your café


Choose furniture that will amplify the overall presentation of your décor. Even if you choose modular furniture, make it stand out. Choose furniture with distinct shapes and flashy colors, especially for a mid-century retro look. Select vintage furniture for a classic look. You have unending options to choose from.

Photo Frames

The easiest way to add spark to your cafe is to add photo frames. There are two ways to do it. One is using frames of different sizes to make a neat photo wall. You can frame your favorite photos, like landmarks and special events at your cafe. You can also frame pictures of moments celebrated by your regular clients. Another way to do this is by installing large vintage look photo frames of various sizes.

Indoor Plants

Adding beautiful plants to your cafe’s interior brings a lot of difference to the surroundings. Certain indoor plants are capable of purifying the air. Some plants can effectively absorb bad odors. Choose plants like Monstera Deliciosa for a tropical look, or go for the cute succulent varieties as centerpieces for the tables. Accommodate air plants as centerpieces on tables for a more sophisticated minimalist appearance.


Graffiti art is a great way to add some dimension to your small cafe. Hire street artists and include pop hues to add a retro look. A Graffiti art can go with almost any style, be it retro, mid-century, modern or minimalist.


Succulents can make great lively centerpieces for small cafes that have only a small table per seating. You can interchange it with something more lustrous such as candlelight for the evenings. You can also add flowers or use a potpourri bowl for a pleasant dining experience filled with the fragrance emanating from the potpourri. Choose scents like vanilla, lavender, and sweet orange.

Now that we have given you all the parameters you should consider to develop a winning cafe design, go ahead and appropriate these strategies, and you will get there. Follow our steps from concept through planning to design, and you will have a winning combination that will compliment your efforts and investment correctly.

If you have further queries, drop your comments below, and we will get back to you with all the answers you need.