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This week we spoke to a successful food truck owner. Thejas is the master franchisee of BBQ Ride India in Tamil Nadu. BBQ India will be in 20 locations across Tamil Nadu by the end of March. Below are his valuable thoughts for current and aspiring food truck owners.

Why is a food truck better than a regular restaurant?

Mobility, attractiveness and most importantly it does not have the high cost involved in setting up a restaurant.

What are the key things to your success?

  • Hygiene differentiates us from a roadside vendor.
  • Keeping the menu simple, being good at what we serve.
  • Having a unique concept – we barbeque in a royal enfield bike.

Are there any licenses to get before setting up a food truck?

There is no license for food trucks in India. It is better to have the food truck in a private space. There are a couple of licenses you have to get like FSSAI, Corporation tax and Fire safety. You would need a address proof to get all of these.

Marketing techniques you used?

Having an active facebook and instagram account. Our unique concept has bought us a lot of organic traffic. We are even going to be in a movie soon 🙂

How do you keep your customers satisfied?

I was personally there when we launched to get feedback. Now we use the feedback app in SlickPOS to get feedback. We introduce weekly specials so that our customers don’t get bored.

Any tips with regards to operation?

You should be at one place consistently. If you move for a day or two make sure the customers know where you are. Never have a scenario were you run out of stock very soon in a day. We also check our profitability on a monthly basis. We also keep track our daily sales with SlickPOS.

Bike barbeque serves some of the most delicious barbeques out there at a good price. They are in 32 locations across India right now. Below are the links to their facebook page and website.

BBQ Ride Facebook Page

BBQ Ride Website