Recently I was admiring how people from small towns are working for some of the biggest names in the world like Google, Tesla etc. These companies build awesome products through these small town people. Do people need to move to big cities and companies to build such products? I don’t think so, talented people have stayed back in smaller cities and they have been delivering world-class products. We ourselves are based out of Coimbatore, a city that has a lineage of delivering products that are being used across the globe.

Graphic designers from Coimbatore

In this blog I want to focus on the graphic design industry in Coimbatore, as this is a service that can be used by anybody in the world. The services from Coimbatore are available at a cheaper cost with no compromise in quality. The key is to find the right service provider. We identified some of the top design companies in Coimbatore. I spoke to talk to a few of them and the rest I have provided their contacts. The companies listed are in no particular order.

Two Stones

Two Stones introduces brands to the Digital World and makes them embrace the Digital Space. Their top clients include MRF, Omega Insurance, and Radio City. Recently Two Stones won the Coimbatore Smart City Logo Competition by crafting a very unique Identity. Their motto is, “Good is never good enough, We always believe in the best ”. (, +91 9894282825)

Two Stones Design


Their suite of branding solutions span the entire range of print designs – including logos, corporate identities, brochures,, package designs, posters, stall designs etc. We have personally worked with the them and the two aspects that has impressed us is the quality of work and the punctuality in delivery. They do work with some top brands like TVS, Chennai silks, CakeBee. (Contact:, +91 9894455770)

Weedesign portfolio

Atma Studios

Atma is a unique design studio in Coimbatore focused on Art + Design + Business. They say, “We don’t just do the design, we have an artistic process”. The have done designs for companies like Coffee Day, Isha foundation. They are great in terms of pricing especially to bootstrapped startups like us. (Contact:, +91 9952793873)

Atma Studios portfolio

Below is the contact of other top designers from Coimbatore

CompanyWebsitePhone 422 4391180 97917 66444 97917 66444 9790024440 9952514236

I am sure there are more hidden talents in Coimbatore. We plan to unearth and showcase them to the world soon.