Appetize your customers with an indulging menu card.

Up-sell with an interactive menu. Share the menu on a tablet, or let customers scan a QR code.

Still using boring menu cards? It’s time to upgrade.

Engage with photos & videos.

A vibrant menu card with food photographs helps the customer to choose the right dish. Mix photos and short video clips for a richer menu experience. Don’t forget, your menu card is a chance to get the best first impression!

Table Management with iPad POS
Table Management with iPad POS

Recommend dishes, run offers.

It’s even more important to ensure that the first time customers leave with a good experience. Make use of the Specials section on your Live Menucard to highlight the popular dishes your serve.

Do menu updates easily.

A printed menu doesn’t give you the flexibility to add items or update prices easily. Why run behind your designers and printers for simple menu updates? 

Table Management with iPad POS
Table Management with iPad POS

Spend less on prints.

When you use Live Menucard, you can afford to print fewer copies or even choose to not print at all. Also, you’ll end up saving on reprinting expenses for worn out and updated menu cards. 

Use a tablet or keep QR code.

Show the menu to your customers using an iPad or Android tablet. Alternatively, print QR codes on table tents and let your customers scan with their mobile phones to view the menu. By the way, the QR code is also a great way to share your menu on your print media like flyers.

Table Management with iPad POS

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